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Adpower was born 26 years ago as a traditional mass media advertising agency.

12 years ago we ran our first Facebook ad. 500 campaigns later, we use technology that changes daily to deliver integrated cross-platform campaigns and content to achieve amazing results for people we love working with.


Data and creativity connect.

Heartwarming stories supported by cold hard data. Find out how we combine both to connect people to products.

Our Capabilities.

Tap into a full range of in-house services that can solve your challenges, uncover opportunities and produce the results you’re looking for.

Brand Design & Strategy

We’ll define the how, where, when and why. Setting communication goals and drawing roadmaps to get there.

Social Media Management

Post content, design & moderation. Making things clean, clear and simple isn’t effortless, but we make it feel that way.

Audience Analytics

Get a clear overview of the demographic, psychographic and geographic details of your key audiences and never let them out of your sight.

Ad Campaigns

 Planning and executing pay per click or mass media. Highly creative and targeted work to emotionally connect you to your key audiences.


Sticks and stones may break bones but our words can change the world. 

Team Training

We’ll bring you up to speed with social. We’ll show you how to  structure & implement.

Website Development

The life-blood of every business. We love designing websites that engage and convert.

Email Marketing

Never underestimate the power of one to one. Go straight past junk, bring some joy.

Our story. Who is Adpower?


The answer isn’t so simple.

Traditional mass media, digital specialists, large enterprise, small and nimble. Yep, that’s us.

When Adpower opened in 1993, we were focused on traditional marketing and advertising. TV, radio, print.

Memorable, powerful work needed great words, great art, deep consumer insight and a large team – writers, designers, photographers, directors, media planning and buying. We offered it all in house with an amazing team of people.

Then, using a new tool called email, we found we could move ideas around faster. Create direct connections. Soon, websites evolved, digital photography came and with it digital editing and distribution.

There were so many faster, smarter ways to package persuasion and deliver the creative product we were famous for – we embraced every new development.

Then the iPhone blew everything wide open.

Which leads us to today. What demanded a team of 30 can be deployed with just two sets of hands. All the skills that matter – storytelling, design, strategy, analysis are still under one roof at Adpower’s office in Noosa. We create memorable connections between people and products that drive growth for our clients’ businesses – with insane tools at our fingertips to build, deliver, scale and analyse the effectiveness of that work.

So Ben and Silke – the owners of Adpower are the ones working on your business. There is no chain of command or internal briefing to get in the way of your needs being met and understood. Every moment is committed to strategy,  content and solving wicked problems, not internal briefing, approvals or paper shuffling.

That’s what sets Adpower apart.

Benjamin Hale

Benjamin Hale


After working as a copywriter in ad agencies, Clemenger BBDO Sydney and Grey Advertising Canberra, Ben Hale started Adpower, Australia’s largest regionally based advertising agency from 1997-2007. Leading 30 people, growing turnover beyond $7.5 million, Ben was an enthusiastic founder, creative director and strategist, helping large listed companies and many SME’s achieve ambitious growth and performance goals. Today, Ben runs the national marketing for Australian Prawns and provides strategy, content and social media services to the renewable sector.

Silke Neumann-Hale

Silke Neumann-Hale


Silke started her career in finance and marketing in Germany. When becoming a content administrator of one of Germany’s  first “Homebanking” websites, she was instantly hooked. Before joining Adpower in 2006, Silke ran her own Web Design Agency producing websites for many SME’s in the tourism, real estate, consulting, retail, finance, medical and fishing industry. Today, Silke lives and breathes digital marketing and UI/UX design and has been a Professional Web Designer & Developer since 2000. Her focus is to produce finely crafted WordPress websites and email marketing campaigns, and ensures each project is well maintained.

What we do.

 Content that engages on social media.

We Make it Easy to Connect With People on Every Platform

How-to videos, facebook posts, website landing pages – short attention spans demand beautiful, adaptable messaging. We’ll help you craft and deliver content to the people that matter, at the time that matters with a message that moves.


Most Recent Work

Client: greenpower

  • Adpower established GreenPower’s presence on Facebook and has grown the page to over 44,000 likes. Creating 100 posts per year and moderating 10,000 comments per year.
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • Strategy development
  • Develop facebook page design, copy and rules of engagement
  • Establishment of content calendar
  • Content creation and posting
  • Facebook page moderation
  • Post promotion and ad campaign
  • Analytics and reporting


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