Uh oh. An ad guy wants to talk about ethics.

Today, thanks to the data trails we all leave, every brand, every firm, every staff member must operate ethically. With every online conversation and interaction now recorded, searchable and un-erasable, what is said about your business and the people in it can no longer be controlled.

And that’s a good thing.

In the past, when a product didn’t live up to expectations, people quietly stopped buying. Now they vent on Twitter or Facebook and their networks take you to one degree of separation from everyone on the planet.

When a multi million dollar campaign is upended by a single influential blogger; when a video of a sneezing cat is watched by more people in a day than have been born in Australia and when a large server can crash after a single tweet; well it’s time to rethink the way we communicate.

But wait, let’s add, mobile everything, platforms that change quicker than you can learn them and that amorphous concept of authenticity.

We’re adrift in a rising sea of data and algorithms have become just as important as imagination.

So why would you be hearing this from the founder of a traditional mass media based advertising agency?

The full story is here, suffice to say, he embraced the new technologies destined to disrupt his industry.

You’re astute. You know experienced, multi-disciplined communication professionals are rare. But you wouldn’t want to deal with someone until you had some decent background.

So, who is this Ben Hale?

He is a copywriter who knows that this page is way overwritten for web and less than 10% of the people who started this page are still reading. (Congratulations on being in that top ten by the way).

He made the transition from writer to business owner in the early nineties, as founding partner of Adpower, a mainstream advertising agency operating in Cairns until late 2007 and now based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

The Cairns operation was regional Australia’s largest with 29 full time staff and clients in every mainland state of Australia including an ASX top 30 listed company. An online division, Adpower Interactive opened in 2003 and a mainstream media buying agency, Mediapower was launched in 2004.

Combined, the companies billed just over $7.5 million in FY 2007.

A industry paradigm shift was on the way and after a decade and a half building the business, Ben decided to take a break, scaled down Adpower, divested his interests in Mediapower, and took a kitesurfing tour of the East coast from Cairns to Melbourne before relocating permanently to the Sunshine Coast.

Today he consults direct with brands and agencies to deal with the interconnected, always on social-sharing, 24 hour opinion cycle, crazy mixed up world we’re all immersed in.

If you think he can make a contribution to your business, browse through the CV or look at some of the TV or Radio work, check out a case study and if you like, email or call to chat.


Personal profile

Name: Benjamin Hale 

Location: Sunshine Beach on the Sunshine Coast Qld, Australia.

Professional info

Current Role: Marketing strategy. End to end traditional, digital and social media implementation.

Qualifications: B.Bus (Communications) Advertising

QLD University of Technology 1992

IKO Level 2 Kitesurfing Instructor.

recent Projects

Social media strategy, creative and content for GreenPower - accredited renewable energy.

“Love Australian Prawns”

Implementing and supporting the 1st and 2nd years of the first national prawn marketing campaign 2013-15.

Canberra Cloud Accounting. Traditional, social and digital lead acquisition strategy and implementation.

“The Killer Whale Trail”.
A combination of hard signage and digital mobile content that brings alive the story of the killer whales of Eden at 5 historical and whale watching sites on the NSW South Coast.


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(07) 5474 9997 or


Skype ID: boxburg


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Skype ID: boxburg


Ethics, that’s a place in England right?

Ethics? That’s a place in England right?