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Depending on the agency’s culture, awards are an important barometer of the company’s creative output or a farcical chase for meaningless metal. So depending on your opinion, you can choose to read or ignore this list.

Previous jobs

Managing Director

Creative Director



Paper Delivery boy

Promotional “Character”


Surf Lifesaver

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James Burchill

James is  the founder of Rumble, Brisbane’s most exciting new boutique creative agency. As Co-Executive Creative Director at Sapient Nitro he presided over Tourism Queensland’s “Best Job in the World” Campaign. He’s known Ben for 25 years, and can point out all his creative and strategic virtues.

Is the head of Commercial Partnerships at FFA - Football Federation Australia.

He was a client of Adpower’s when the company handled the promotion for Festival Cairns. He won’t hold back when it comes to telling you about his experiences.


If there’s a study out there on the long-term effects of exposure to the advertising industry, I’d be a little nervous reading it.

Because I’ve been soaking in it, dousing myself with it and rolling in it for 22 years. I started as a writer in a large agency then wrote for a small agency before starting one of my own. I’m fascinated with online and digital, social media, mobile applications as well as creative ideas that combine them all.

Ben’s CV

Experience in every agency department

Pitching: I’ve been even more fortunate for the experience gained from ones that didn’t fly.

Comfortable with clients. From presenting creative and strategic plans to making the difficult call when something has gone awry, I love clients because there would be no business without them. Trust me to be able to talk talk and walk walk with clients at all levels.

The nasty jobs: When the buck stops with you, there are certain tasks that inevitably land on your desk. So if it’s that stern call to a difficult client who isn’t paying on time, immediate action to diffuse a potentially inflammatory staff situation or even a complete re-organisation of a department, I’ve been there and picked up the hottest of hot potatoes. No, it’s never fun, and I’m certainly not coveting your position Mr CD/MD/CEO, but isn’t it nice to know that there is someone with the skills to back you up if the need arises.

Production Management: How do you make that 200K TVC for 50? What near term technology is truly industry upending or simply an expensive iteration of what is already out there? How can you make a scalable, simple job management system that everyone will be happy using? These are all issues I’ve had to solve in the past and am quite happy to tackle again.

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